“Any chance I get, I try to feed my kids really healthy, good food. And it’s so hard sometimes, because it’s quicker and easier to feed them something that’s already pre-made. When I discovered hemp seeds, I was thrilled to learn about how healthy they are and that I can use them in just about anything…and sneak them into the food when the kids aren’t looking! Hemp seeds are such a simple and delicious way to add good food to any meal.”

As a busy mom, Sarah is always looking for healthy foods to feed her family. Hemp seed’s rich nutritional profile offer a simple and quick way to enhance her family’s health...and leave more time for the fun stuff.

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“I always get excited when I have a new ingredient to use in my cooking – that’s when the fun starts for me. When I came across hemp seeds, it struck me that they are the unsung hero within the world of so-called “Superfoods”. Not only are they outrageously nutritious, delicious, AND sustainable, they are so versatile to cook with. I know that I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to their potential creations. I’ll be having a lot of fun with hemp seeds for a long time.”

As an amateur chef, Andre loves experimenting with food and using premium quality, sustainable ingredients in his recipes. He enjoys the health benefits of hemp seeds in new and imaginative ways.

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“I think a lot of people have the misconception that being a vegetarian makes it difficult to get all the nutrition you need, particularly protein. But the truth is, there are so many ways to get great, plant-based sources of protein, that are much healthier and better for the environment. Hemp seeds are a stellar example of a sustainable, plant-based food that is highly nutritious, is high in protein and is totally delicious to boot. You can’t really beat that!”

For Heidi, hemp seeds offer the ideal blend of protein and nutrition she needs as a devoted vegetarian to help her keep a balanced diet.

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Hemp is amazing food. It's delicious, and so nutritious it's said to contain just about
every vitamin and mineral the human body needs. With such delicious taste
and a wealth of nutrition, you'll want to make hemp a regular part of your diet.
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