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The Original Earth's Menu Serving Nature's Best | Our Products | Earth's Menu | Natural, Premium Hemp Food Products

Hemp Harmony
Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds

Add Hemp Harmony Hemp Seeds to your natural way of eating as a delicious way to maintain good health and support a holistic, preventative lifestyle.


Omega Cranberry Granola Bar

Get berry merry with delectable cranberry-filled granola bars from Earth’s Menu. Like most berry fruits, cranberries are renowned for their antioxidant richness which helps alleviate our bodies’ risk of oxidative stress.


Omega Apple Granola Bar

Apples aren’t just tasty, this popular fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can support the health of our hearts and help reduce our risk of obesity.


Blueberry Raisin Granola Bar

Brighten up your routine with a delicious mix of blueberry and raisins in these granola bars from Earth’s Menu. Blueberries have a low calorie count but are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and fibre, while raisins have heaps of potassium, iron, and other essential nutrients.


We create delicious,
hemp food that
inspires people to
be their best.

Hemp is amazing food. It's delicious, and so nutritious it's said to contain just about
every vitamin and mineral the human body needs. With such delicious taste
and a wealth of nutrition, you'll want to make hemp a regular part of your diet.
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